Guacamole recipe

Recipe Guacamole is a popular sauce, whose homeland is Mexico.
Minimum of ingredients that will be required to prepare guacamole is, of course, avocado, chili pepper, lemon or lime juice, but often coriander, tomatoes and garlic are also added to it.
Guacamole is served with cornmeal chips traditionally. In fact, guacamole is delicious to eat even with ordinary bread, as well as dip vegetables in it.

Stuffed Mushrooms recipe

Stuffed mushrooms is a dish that is created for cold autumn evenings. Such mushrooms will be appropriate on any holiday table, and ingredients here can be changed indefinitely, experimenting with shades of tastes and their combinations. Mushrooms are in perfect harmony with meat, but with vegetable filling can be incredibly tasty.

turkish simit

Turkish simit recipe

Recipe Simit is a bagel with sesame seeds, common in Turkey. It has a terrific crisp and is usually of impressive size, although he himself is most often thin! The most important rule is to eat on the day of preparation. Simites are often served for breakfast with various snacks, kaymak, etc.

Prawns with garlic sauce recipe

A shrimp dish recipe is perfect for a picnic in the country. Due to the ease of preparation and delicate taste, it can stand in a row with a traditional barbecue. In addition, seafood also needs a good marinade. In practice, garlic sauce has worked well.

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

Gingerbread cookies recipe are associated with Christmas and holidays usually. But with peppermint tea, they are perfect at any time of the year.

Omelette with fried potatoes recipe

Everyone loves omelet because of its simplicity and fast of cooking.
This is a light breakfast, but if you add fried potatoes, then you will get a full, hearty dish recipe.

Raspberry Panna Cotta Recipe

Panna Cotta recipe is a light, tasty and diet dessert. It is very simple to cook this Italian dessert. The original raspberry gives a touch of sourness.


Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Tomatoes are considered to be the most delicious, most beautiful and healthy vegetable.
Stuffed tomatoes recipe are a great holiday appetizer or a side dish for any meat dish.
In case of vegetarian you can use vegan parmesan.

Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Brussels sprouts recipe are a healthy and low-calorie vegetables. It can be cooked in a different ways, both on the stove and in the oven. Try it – it’s quick, easy and useful!
This is a great option for a side dish, when in 15 minutes you are guaranteed to get an excellent result.

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