Panettone recipe

Panettone recipe is a sweet yeast Italian bread, it traditionally served for Christmas.
But it can be cooked not only for Christmas, but also for Easter.
Panettone – is airy like a cloud, incredibly tasty, though not easy to cook.

Vichyssoise recipe

Vichyssoise soup recipe is a traditional French dish based on broth, cream and onion.
Like most mashed soups, vichyssoise is usually served with garlic croutons.

Mixed berry smoothie recipe

Mixed berry smoothie recipe give you to taste of real summer. Juicy and sweet – it is perfect to breakfast. This is a charge of vitamins for the whole day.

Roasted chicken recipe with rosemary and lemon

Roasted chicken recipe one of the most successful dishes for a holiday or everyday family dinner. Crunch on the outside and juicy meat on the inside. Rosemary flavour and light sourness of lemon – this is the perfect balance of taste.

Lime and mint water recipe

Lime and mint water recipe perfectly refreshes and quenches thirst. Moreover, it perfectly completes all dishes almost!

Grilled chicken breast recipe with vegetables

Following a diet is very difficult to find healthy, but really tasty dishes. One such dish is grilled chicken breast with vegetables. It is low-fat, easy to cook and at the same time very tasty food. Enjoy it.

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