Fried chicken wings recipe

Sticky chicken wings recipe with crisp in a spicy sauce will be the best idea for a dinner with friends for game days. On a side dish you can boil rice or just slice your favorite vegetables.

Beef stew with beans recipe

Beef stew with beans recipe soft pieces of meat, thick aromatic sauce with vegetables and beans that instantly absorb all tastes. Cook it more, you will be asked for supplements.

Chocolate cheesecake recipe

The cheesecake recipe is very soft and It melts in your mouth. If you stand it, let the cheesecake stand overnight in the fridge.

Spinach lime green smoothie recipe

Spinach lime green recipe smoothie is the best idea for a light and healthy breakfast or afternoon snack. And don’t worry if you don’t like spinach – you taste only the citrus flavor!

Meatballs recipe with noodles and marinara sauce

Simple to prepare, easy to clean up – this all-in-one skillet dish is ready in under 40 minutes. Garlic & Parmesan-flavoured meatballs combine with egg noodles and a marinara sauce in this delicious recipe.

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Stuffed eggplant recipe

Stuffed eggplant recipe, with all of its comforting and aromatic ingredients, makes for a wonderfully healthy and filling meal, complete with a lovely presentation.

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