Gingerbread Cookies RecipeGingerbread cookies recipe are associated with Christmas and holidays usually. But with peppermint tea, they are perfect at any time of the year.
Raspberry Panna Cotta RecipePanna Cotta recipe is a light, tasty and diet dessert. It is very simple to cook this Italian dessert. The original raspberry gives a touch of sourness.
Panettone recipePanettone recipe is a sweet yeast Italian bread, it traditionally served for Christmas. But it can be cooked not only for Christmas, but also for Easter. Panettone - is airy like a cloud, incredibly tasty, though not easy to cook.
Chocolate cheesecake recipeThe cheesecake recipe is very soft and It melts in your mouth. If you stand it, let the cheesecake stand overnight in the fridge.
Cherry pie recipeHomemade cherry pie recipe features a buttery flaky pie crust and juicy cherry filling.
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